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PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 2

How to deploy PHP applications to AWS Lambda with Bref

PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 1

What is the serverless architecture, and how to deploy a PHP application to it?

Write C as oriented programming language

Let's write some C as an oriented programming language

React i18next

In this article we are going to cover how to set up i18next in your React app

[iOS] Let's think outside the box

Let's use the Framework in a way that it's not supposed to be

[iOS] How to combine Delegates and Closures

Let's make Delegates and Closures work together

Android: Why do I like listeners?

Let's talk about listeners

Delegates vs Closures

Delegates VS Closures

Managing translations with localise.biz

In this article I am going to introduce localise.biz - a SaaS tool to manage translations.

Presentation of the PHP library Xpression

As developers, all of us already had to filter dataset (array, collection, API, etc...). Let's focus on the Xpression library, wich allows us to filter different content sources with a simplified query syntax.

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