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DASH & HLS : The two main video stream protocols

DASH & HLS, two protocols to stream them all.

You are using React states wrong

You may not be using the React states optimally and I'll explain why

PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 2

How to deploy PHP applications to AWS Lambda with Bref

PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 1

What is the serverless architecture, and how to deploy a PHP application to it?

Write C as oriented programming language

Let's write some C as an oriented programming language

React i18next

In this article we are going to cover how to set up i18next in your React app

[iOS] Let's think outside the box

Let's use the Framework in a way that it's not supposed to be

[iOS] How to combine Delegates and Closures

Let's make Delegates and Closures work together

Android: Why do I like listeners?

Let's talk about listeners

Delegates vs Closures

Delegates VS Closures

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