PHP 7 Throwable Errors Exceptions

Errors exist in our code, in external library, and also when hardware fail. That's why understanding Throwable is essential to handle these errors cleverly.

2018 new year resolution: Replace my ERP by a Slack bot implemented with DialogFlow and Symfony

The purpose of this post is to show the power of a Slack bot that can be used to ease everyday life in your company, and how to implement it using DialoFlow and Symfony

Deploy a replicated MongoDB on AWS with Terraform and Ansible

I recently had the opportunity to deploy a MongoDB server on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In order to limit the problems of crash and data loss, it is also replicated with two other servers, ideally in a different geographical area to ensure high availability.

Build an api with Go and Buffalo

Presentation of http/net package and Buffalo.

Debugging with Git

Today I'd like to talk about a tool that will allow us to rapidly isolate an incorrect commit, that caused a bug in our application: git bisect

OpenPGP - Export Secret Keys to a Yubikey

After generating the OpenPGP keys, we will see how to store them on a USB key like the Yubikey. This will allow us to further secure our secret keys.

OpenPGP - The almost perfect key pair

Guide to create the almost perfect OpenPGP keys

React SSR

Writing an SSR React app from scratch

ECMAScript Asynchronicity - dynamic import

Optimize your production code by splitting and lazy loading modules

About the Agile Tour Paris 2016 by a Product Owner

On November 17th took place the 9th edition of the Agile Tour Paris in Microsoft's offices in Issy les Moulineaux - first edition for me.

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