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React SSR

Kamal Farsaoui

Writing an SSR React app from scratch

ECMAScript Asynchronicity - dynamic import

Kamal Farsaoui

Optimize your production code by splitting and lazy loading modules

About the Agile Tour Paris 2016 by a Product Owner

Julie Morvan

On November 17th took place the 9th edition of the Agile Tour Paris in Microsoft's offices in Issy les Moulineaux - first edition for me.

Migrate a React client-side application to server-side with Next.JS

Vincent Composieux

Most of the front-end applications using React that I’ve been able to work on are browser-based (client-side) applications.

Build an API with API Platform

Romain Pierlot

API Platform defines itself as a « PHP framework to build modern web APIs ». Indeed, this tool will help us to rapidly build a rich and easily usable API.

Feedback on a live-coding to discover Go language

Vincent Composieux

This blog post follows a workshop / live-coding session I organized at Eleven Labs for an initiation to Go language.

How to check the spelling of your docs from Travis CI?

Charles-Eric Gorron

We will show you how to check the spelling in your markdown documents, changed in your pull requests, very easily using Aspell and Travis CI

JSON Server

Kamal Farsaoui

Accelerate your prototyping process by mocking your APIs using JSON Server

Continuous improvement: how to run your Agile retrospective?

Charles-Eric Gorron

We usually share on this blog our technical expertise around web and mobile development or architecture. Today, I would like to address another expertise, equally important: our methodology.

Take care of your emails

Jonathan Jalouzot

The most common mean of communication between a provider and its customer is the email. Yet, few people care enough to customize it. And that's a shame, because there are many nice tips that make them more qualitative. Of course, many of them implies Google.. but who does not use Gmail today?

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