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[iOS] How to combine Delegates and Closures

Let's make Delegates and Closures work together

Android: Why do I like listeners?

Let's talk about listeners

Delegates vs Closures

Delegates VS Closures

Managing translations with localise.biz

In this article I am going to introduce localise.biz - a SaaS tool to manage translations.

Presentation of the PHP library Xpression

As developers, all of us already had to filter dataset (array, collection, API, etc...). Let's focus on the Xpression library, wich allows us to filter different content sources with a simplified query syntax.

Symfony 4

Let's take a look at Symfony 4 innovations and changes.

Should you go hybrid? Pros and cons for the hybrid cloud

Relevance of the hybrid cloud to the enterprise is growing. There was a three-fold jump in hybrid cloud adoption between 2016 and 2017, reflecting the attractiveness of such a setup for enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Here are some key pros and cons of the hybrid cloud, to help you decide if such a setup is best for your business.

PHP 7 Throwable Errors Exceptions

Errors exist in our code, in external library, and also when hardware fail. That's why understanding Throwable is essential to handle these errors cleverly.

2018 new year resolution: Replace my ERP by a Slack bot implemented with DialogFlow and Symfony

The purpose of this post is to show the power of a Slack bot that can be used to ease everyday life in your company, and how to implement it using DialoFlow and Symfony

Deploy a replicated MongoDB on AWS with Terraform and Ansible

I recently had the opportunity to deploy a MongoDB server on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In order to limit the problems of crash and data loss, it is also replicated with two other servers, ideally in a different geographical area to ensure high availability.

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