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Take care of your emails

The most common mean of communication between a provider and its customer is the email. Yet, few people care enough to customize it. And that's a shame, because there are many nice tips that make them more qualitative. Of course, many of them implies Google.. but who does not use Gmail today?

Construct and structure a Go GraphQL API

GraphQL was released 2 years ago and applications that use it are still rare. However, this implementation proposed by Facebook offers many possibilities that are not available in REST APIs.

Is AMP the web 3.0

Google, the undisputed leader in web services (search, pub, analytics ...), has been offering for over a year a new way of displaying your pages, called the AMP project

Upload file with AJAX

Today, I would like to share with you a feature often requested in an application: uploading a file.

HTTP/2 is not future. It's present.

Remember, in may 1996, the very first HTTP protocol version (HTTP/1.0) was born. This protocol is described as a RFC 1945.

CQRS Pattern

CQRS, which means Command Query Responsibility Segregation, comes from CQS (Command Query Separation) introduced by Bertrand Meyer in Object Oriented Software Construction. Meyer states that every method should be either a query or a command.

Consul: Service Discovery and Failure Detection


Consul is a product developed in Go language by the HashiCorp company and was born in 2013.

RabbitMQ: Publish, Consume, and Retry Messages

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Redux: Structure your frontend applications

Javascript ecosystem is really rich: full of developers but also full of frameworks and libraries.

Dive into mobile development: where to start

These days more than ever before mobile applications have become essential in the lives of millions of people. If you are reading this article, it means that you too are interested in this subject. I'll try to make a series of articles to share with you as much as I can on it.

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