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RabbitMQ: Publish, Consume, and Retry Messages

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Redux: Structure your frontend applications

Javascript ecosystem is really rich: full of developers but also full of frameworks and libraries.

Dive into mobile development: where to start

These days more than ever before mobile applications have become essential in the lives of millions of people. If you are reading this article, it means that you too are interested in this subject. I'll try to make a series of articles to share with you as much as I can on it.

Understanding SSL/TLS: Part 1 - What is it?

You’ve certainly heard about SSL or TLS protocols. We’re going to see what it’s all about together.

Create your first Atom package

Introduction to Atom

Atom is an open-source text editor (mostly used by developers){:rel=”nofollow”} which is multi-platform and developed by GitHub company. It is based on Electron, the Github-developed framework, which allows developers to build native desktop applications for any operating systems by writing Javascript code.

Push notification on your website

The convenience of PWA is to act like a mobile application, to be installed on a phone, to manage off-line mode, and especially to send push notifications. Notifications are the essential element of user involvement, they allow to send a reminder and to communicate with our users

Handle exceptions gracefully

Hello everyone! Today I would like to speak about a subject too little discussed in php: the exceptions. An exception is an alert issued when the code is executed, to indicate that something has not happened as expected. It can be a bad connection identifier to the database, or an operation on a file that is not allowed, or a division by zero for example.

Mutation Testing - Check the quality of your unit tests

It is well established : unit tests are mandatory when developing an application. They allow to highlight possible regressions when code is modified, so the developer gets a certain confidence when shipping his code to production : If tests do pass, everything works correctly.

mTools - A must have for MongoDB

Maintain an application using MongoDB can be painful, especially when you either have a large amount of data, or a lot of writing operations. This is even more true if, as a developer, you don't have access to production servers, oftenly allowed to few.

Use the Symfony Workflow component

Since Symfony 3.2, a new useful component was born: the Workflow component. It is indeed really convenient and can simplify greatly your developments when you have to manage status workflows in your application, that occurs a lot.

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