Push notification on your website

The convenience of PWA is to act like a mobile application, to be installed on a phone, to manage off-line mode, and especially to send push notifications. Notifications are the essential element of user involvement, they allow to send a reminder and to communicate with our users

Handle exceptions gracefully

Hello everyone! Today I would like to speak about a subject too little discussed in php: the exceptions. An exception is an alert issued when the code is executed, to indicate that something has not happened as expected. It can be a bad connection identifier to the database, or an operation on a file that is not allowed, or a division by zero for example.

Mutation Testing - Check the quality of your unit tests

It is well established : unit tests are mandatory when developing an application. They allow to highlight possible regressions when code is modified, so the developer gets a certain confidence when shipping his code to production : If tests do pass, everything works correctly.

mTools - A must have for MongoDB

Maintain an application using MongoDB can be painful, especially when you either have a large amount of data, or a lot of writing operations. This is even more true if, as a developer, you don't have access to production servers, oftenly allowed to few.

Use the Symfony Workflow component

Since Symfony 3.2, a new useful component was born: the Workflow component. It is indeed really convenient and can simplify greatly your developments when you have to manage status workflows in your application, that occurs a lot.

Pattern Specification

Through my different professional experiences, I had to set a lot of business rules in rich web apps. One day, I stumbled upon a different way to deal with those: using the specification pattern. This method has proven to be structuring and deserves some attention if you do not know what it is.

PHP 7.1 - For dummies candidates

Some time ago, well almost one year ago (time just flies!), I wrote about PHP 7.0. Ten months later, things are moving again: PHP 7.1 is in RC1 stage.

Custom ParamConverter

The following article is aimed at developers who have already used the ParamConverter, and who understand its basic principles.

Behat: structure your functional tests

In order to ensure that your application is running well, it’s important to write functional tests.

How to be best friend with the HTTP Cache ?

I am currently lead developer for a French press website with very high traffic. Along my previous work experiences, I was able to perform development on several other high volumetry sites as well.

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