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Domain anemia

Are you suffering from domain anemia? Let's look at what an anemic domain model is and how things can change.

PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 2

How to deploy PHP applications to AWS Lambda with Bref

PHP & Serverless with Bref - part 1

What is the serverless architecture, and how to deploy a PHP application to it?

Presentation of the PHP library Xpression

As developers, all of us already had to filter dataset (array, collection, API, etc...). Let's focus on the Xpression library, wich allows us to filter different content sources with a simplified query syntax.

Symfony 4

Let's take a look at Symfony 4 innovations and changes.

Debugging with Git

Today I'd like to talk about a tool that will allow us to rapidly isolate an incorrect commit, that caused a bug in our application: git bisect

Build an API with API Platform

API Platform defines itself as a « PHP framework to build modern web APIs ». Indeed, this tool will help us to rapidly build a rich and easily usable API.

RabbitMQ: Publish, Consume, and Retry Messages

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Handle exceptions gracefully

Hello everyone! Today I would like to speak about a subject too little discussed in php: the exceptions. An exception is an alert issued when the code is executed, to indicate that something has not happened as expected. It can be a bad connection identifier to the database, or an operation on a file that is not allowed, or a division by zero for example.

Use the Symfony Workflow component

Since Symfony 3.2, a new useful component was born: the Workflow component. It is indeed really convenient and can simplify greatly your developments when you have to manage status workflows in your application, that occurs a lot.

PHP 7.1 - For dummies candidates

Some time ago, well almost one year ago (time just flies!), I wrote about PHP 7.0. Ten months later, things are moving again: PHP 7.1 is in RC1 stage.

Behat: structure your functional tests

In order to ensure that your application is running well, it’s important to write functional tests.

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