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Presentation of the PHP library Xpression

As developers, all of us already had to filter dataset (array, collection, API, etc...). Let's focus on the Xpression library, wich allows us to filter different content sources with a simplified query syntax.

2018 new year resolution: Replace my ERP by a Slack bot implemented with DialogFlow and Symfony

The purpose of this post is to show the power of a Slack bot that can be used to ease everyday life in your company, and how to implement it using DialoFlow and Symfony

RabbitMQ: Publish, Consume, and Retry Messages

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Use the Symfony Workflow component

Since Symfony 3.2, a new useful component was born: the Workflow component. It is indeed really convenient and can simplify greatly your developments when you have to manage status workflows in your application, that occurs a lot.

Behat: structure your functional tests

In order to ensure that your application is running well, it’s important to write functional tests.

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