Limor Wainstein

Limor Wainstein

Limor is a technical writer and editor at Agile SEO, a boutique digital marketing agency focused on technology and SaaS markets. She has over 10 years' experience writing technical articles and documentation for various audiences, including technical on-site content, software documentation, and dev guides. She specializes in big data analytics, computer/network security, middleware, software development and APIs.

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Should you go hybrid? Pros and cons for the hybrid cloud

Relevance of the hybrid cloud to the enterprise is growing. There was a three-fold jump in hybrid cloud adoption between 2016 and 2017, reflecting the attractiveness of such a setup for enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Here are some key pros and cons of the hybrid cloud, to help you decide if such a setup is best for your business.

Jun 6, 20184mnLimor Wainstein

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