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The Agile methodology is an IT project management approach, or rather a “product management” approach, which allows the team to manage a project by breaking it down into short development cycles, called sprints. Today, the word Agile can refer to these values as well as the implementation frameworks, including: Scrum, Kanban, Safe, Lean… In this category, find all the articles, feedbacks and tutorials from our Agile team about Scrum, the job of Scrum Master and Product Manager and their advices on how to manage a sprint, which agile method to choose depending on the context or even on product prioritization! Good reading!

All our articles on agile methodologies

What is the most popular agile methodology?

Scrum is the most popular agile framework in 2023. It is used by companies both as sole agile method and as hybrid agile method. Its principle of dividing work into short periods of generally 2 weeks called "sprints" makes it possible to quickly come with a first version of a viable product. Each sprint is validated one after the other by the client, which allows work to be pursued on solid foundations, the following sprints aiming to further improve the product. The process is therefore significantly more productive. At Eleven Labs, we mainly work with the agile Scrum methodology and support our clients in managing their digital products, in training teams in the agile Scrum methodology or in agile coaching.