Women in IT

Today is the International Women's Rights Day, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about a subject that is close to our hearts: women in IT. The purpose of this article is to tell you about our experience to give you a better vision of why there aren't many of us, why some give up, and, above all, how to make that change.

Introduction to Gitlab CI/CD

This article presents some of the possibilities that GitLab CI/CD offers. You will find on the Codelabs platform two tutorials linked to this article, which will show you two use cases.

Using Traefik as a reverse proxy

In need for exposing websites and applications easily on the internet with a valid SSL certificate ? You're on the right spot ! :)

Monitor your Docker containers

Containers are widely used today from development to production. However, a `docker stats` in ssh does not allow you to correctly assess your production environment. We will therefore see how to meet this monitoring need for containers in production.

Munin, Odin's own monitoring

Some people know Munin, the raven from northern mythology. It is in this case a distant cousin that you will discover in this article: Munin, the monitoring tool.

Domain anemia

Are you suffering from domain anemia? Let's look at what an anemic domain model is and how things can change.

HTTPS - Part 2 : Implementation

HTTPS, implementation with Docker, Certbot & Nginx.

HTTPS - Part 1 : Basics

HTTPS, why & how you should set it up.

DASH & HLS : The two main video stream protocols

DASH & HLS, two protocols to stream them all.

You are using React states wrong

You may not be using the React states optimally and I'll explain why

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