Romain Pierlot

Romain Pierlot

Diplomé de l'ISEP en 2013, Romain Pierlot est ingénieur en Etudes et Développement chez Eleven Labs, avec qui il s'amuse comme un petit fou.

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Domain anemia

Are you suffering from domain anemia? Let's look at what an anemic domain model is and how things can change.

Oct 13, 202012mnRomain Pierlot

Debugging with Git

Today I'd like to talk about a tool that will allow us to rapidly isolate an incorrect commit, that caused a bug in our application: git bisect

Nov 8, 20175mnRomain Pierlot

Build an API with API Platform

API Platform defines itself as a « PHP framework to build modern web APIs ». Indeed, this tool will help us to rapidly build a rich and easily usable API.

Aug 24, 20175mnRomain Pierlot

CQRS Pattern

CQRS, which means _Command_ _Query Responsibility Segregation_, comes from CQS (_Command Query Separation_) introduced by Bertrand Meyer in _Object Oriented Software Construction_. Meyer states that every method should be either a _query_ or a _command_.

Mar 15, 20176mnRomain Pierlot

Pattern Specification

Through my different professional experiences, I had to set a lot of business rules in rich web apps. One day, I stumbled upon a different way to deal with those: using the specification pattern. This method has proven to be structuring and deserves some attention if you do not know what it is.

Sep 16, 201613mnRomain Pierlot

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